I’ll start this off with the TL;DR. I (Josh) have had some stuff going on and I’m sorry for not getting my shit together like I should have. There’s some good stuff coming up in the next few weeks. You all rock. We love our Nerd Crew. Read on for the juicy deets!

It’s time for an apology. The past nine months have been a struggle for me physically, emotionally, psychologically basically in every aspect of my existence.

It started last December with getting injured and screwing up my knee after recording our first season finale and it’s come right up through now.

We are at the beginning of We Just Ghoul Here 2019 and I have already missed 2 weeks of posting new episodes. It’s time I explain what has caused the delay and the extreme break in new episodes over the spring and summer.

After the start of our second season in February, I re-injured my knee (that I Jackie up after recording our first season finale last December) which caused not only pain but depression. This depression has been ongoing for years but “flared up” due to being unable to go about my usual activities.

The debt incurred by not working coupled by the debt my family brought on as a result of not being able to work (and buying a house etc…) combined with years of dissatisfaction with my previous job led to Wifey Heather and I deciding it was time for me to quit and find a job that makes me happy.

The goal was to focus on producing We Just Nerd Here and ODYSY Presents: Bro-Spiracy Theory and continuing to grow not only our brands but the ODYSY network in my role as Social Media Director as well as our sister shows, and CMB Networks as a whole. All while looking for a new job where I could expand my production skills and finally find my niche in life.

While I have since recovered from the injury and started to get back into shape, the depression and anxiety I have struggled with for years has been extremely prevalent through it all.

For the majority of my life I’ve been heavy, fat, morbidly obese, etc… since the day after Thanksgiving of 1990 when I had my tonsils removed (I’m sure this will come up in a future episode.) Due to the injury and not being able to be active for months I was suddenly the heaviest I’ve ever been, 390lbs. My doctor helped me to cope with this and after a month and a half I’m down to 370lbs with a long ways to go before I can get to my goal of 250lbs by next June.

The medication I was prescribed helped give me energy and jumpstart my metabolism enough that I started to make progress on my weight as well as my emotional and mental well being. I finally started We Just Nerd Here’s Toy Chest, a series of YouTube videos, and felt like things were on their way up. Then some unfortunate events caused a set back.

The biggest being Mama RoRo having some health issues that caused my depression and especially my anxiety to flare up. These health issues also caused me not to have as much time to devote to recording, editing and promoting the various projects under the We Just Nerd Here and ODYSY brands. The second is that Wifey Heather also had some health issues which have since resolved (to an extent.)

What does this all mean for you, our loyal Nerd Crew? It means that the releases of our shows have not been nearly as frequent and our new video content has been delayed and for that I am sorry.

From the start of We Just Ghoul Here, we were supposed to be weekly through the end of the year and I was planning on releasing 1-3 We Just Nerd Here’s Toy Chest videos each week. Obviously this has not happened. Starting next week, on September 24th we should be back on schedule for We Just Ghoul Here episodes and hopefully by the end of the week I will have more Toy Chest videos to post for all of you (whether you want them or not!)

As far as Bro-Spiracy Theory is concerned, there have been other issues in scheduling due to the busy work schedules of Tyler and Jeremy. Summer is just not a good time to get together apparently. I’m unemployed (hopefully not for long!) so I’ve got nothing but time! There will be more to come, but it may not be until November or December so stay tuned to our social media feeds for updates.

Thank you all for being patient, sticking with us, sharing us with your friends and making this experiment in Podcasting a great success (very nice!) I love doing these shows and I love working with Nemo, Lisa, Jeremy, Ralleigh, Hayley and Tyler (not to mention the guests we’ve had ove the past year of doing this)These shows are not just a creative outlet but doing them means I get to go on more adventures with with close my family, bring entertainment to all of you and it’s also a hell of a lot of fun.

Hopefully I will be able to start writing articles for this site again soon though those may be more of a seasonal thing than an all year thing but we will have to see.

To our Nerd Crew on Patreon (especially the lovely Janice) thank you for your support and for believing in us. You’re as much a part of this ride as we are.

Ok, if you’ve stuck around this long, I’ll let you go. Until next time, We Just Nerd Here and now you do too! We’ll talk to y’all again soon!

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