Hey Nerd Crew! It’s beyond time for a status update, my bad. When you’re unemployed time runs together worse than trying to figure out the Doctor’s timeline. I thought I had done this weeks ago but apparently not. So really, my bad.

We Just Ghoul Here kind of fizzled more than I expected it too. Waaaaay more. It was basically nonexistent.  I thought I’d be able to salvage it but it just wasn’t in the cards this year. There are actually 2 more episodes to release but I haven’t had the energy or time to get them out with the job search and my 2 little “angels” (adorable demon spawn) running amok among other responsibilities. 

Nemo and Lisa have been dealing with leaky floors, fall trips, new work schedules and so much other crap and/ or awesome adventures the past few weeks (which is the gods way of punishing me and by extension all of you) so we haven’t been able to get the three of us together in the same room for a while. The last episode I posted was the one with my “negativity meltdown” as I’ve come to call it. I’m sorry if this seemed like the end, it isn’t I love doing this and so do they. I’ve been in a weird place since I got hurt last year after our Nerd Crew Christmas Party (it’s been 11 damn months yet it feels like yesterday. Remember the before times when I wasn’t gimpy and fully employed?)

Rest assured, the show isn’t over, not by a long shot. This is a labor of love and as long as the rest of you are down to listen we’re here to entertain. So for the rest of this year here Is what I’m hoping for…

The good news, I finally got a job AND it’s at the company I was hoping to work with. I start after Turkey Day (this year it’s Uncle Cliff’s Brisket Day since I’ll be in fabulously freezing Wyoming for my sister’s wedding.)  The bad news, it’s the holiday season. That means family get togethers, Christmas parties, lots of whiskey and general merriment. While I’m stoked for all of these things, it will most likely mean very little time for us to get together until after the first of the year. Another thing that will be changing in the next month is our lovely and talented Heart of the show, Nemo, will be finishing his degree after the start of the year so he may not be around for every episode but Lisa and I will have plenty of guest hosts to fill in when he is busy filling that big beautiful brain of his.

I’m sorry this year has been so rough. We started out strong last year and then hit some hit potholes that slowed us down. Pray (that thing you do on your knees that isn’t the other thing) Malaking Agila, I know what you’re thinking. “When the priest says kneel, you kneel!” that things turn around soon. I love doing this show with these people and I don’t feel like we’re anywhere near the end yet. It’s the best hobby turned passion that I’ve ever found.

As for Bro-Spiracy Theory… good news! Tyler is finally off shift work for the season and we should be able to start recording new episodes very soon (he just messaged me like 18 videos to watch with plenty of good talking points) Hopefully Mr. Butt’s work schedule will allow us all to get back in the same room together very soon. We are hoping to record a ton of episodes in the winter months once things slow down so we can release regularly for most of the year.

That about does it for now. If any of you know any millionaires looking to fund struggling Nerds, you know where to send them. Fingers crossed for a new episode before the end of the year but if not, 2020 is looking to be phenomenal!

Thank you all for believing in us and sticking with us through this difficult time. You’re the best Nerd Crew we could have hoped for!

P.S. If you haven’t checked out We Just Nerd Here’s Toy Chest on YouTube, please do. There are only two episodes posted right now but I’ve got a ton of crap (said in the most admiring way possible) to review for you! Something to make my SDCC spending and general recklessness with money benefit all of you!) Check out our new logo designed by McSoss’s very own Paul McGinty! Thanks Paul!


P.P.S. Mr. Butt and I have started going to Geeks Who drink in our home town and we took first place our first time out! Go “NERDS!” (You can say it like the band “WHAM!” Or the line from “Revenge of the Nerds.” The choice is yours!


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