Reboot Redux Ducktales, Roswell, Veronica Mars, Charmed, Roseanne... the list goes on for miles of shows that are being rebooted or revived in some way and this week the Nerds are talking about the ones that get them the most excited!  If you need more nerd in your life (and we know you do!) We have … Continue reading Reboot Redux

Summer Movies 2019 Now that it's officially summer it's time to talk some of the years most anticipated movies! There hasn't been a summer this packed with cinematic goodness! From Kaiju to Sporks and everything in between, the summer of 2019 has so many excellent movies that we can't wait to see and we're here to talk … Continue reading Summer Movies 2019

The Nerd’s 2019 Summer Playlist! We are stoked to present to you, our first Playlist episode! This gem of an episode contains 9 great songs to add to your summer playlist. From The Ataris to Kenny Chesney and beyond this playlist is sure to make whatever you're doing 100% better. Whether you're driving through the badlands, flying to an … Continue reading The Nerd’s 2019 Summer Playlist!

Cryptid Nerds What's that in the trees? Is it a bear? An Ewok? A diminutive Wookie? Josh without a shirt? This time the Nerds are diving into the world of Sasquatch, Nessie, Chupacabra and other cryptozoological myths with special guests Hayley and Josh's Plumbing issues! If you need more nerd in your life (and we know … Continue reading Cryptid Nerds

Jeff Bezos Give Us Money! It's our raunchiest episode yet! Whiskey Saturday goes off the rails when your Nerds decide it's time for Jeff Bezos to give us money! Things were said, things that would make a sailor blush but that's part of the fun when you're riding with the nerds!  If you need more nerd in your life … Continue reading Jeff Bezos Give Us Money!