Trick-Nerd-Treat It's that time to put on your masks and go asking strangers for candy! Will the Nerds still be friends by the end of this episode? Things get a little heated before things are over. Will Josh's experiences tear them apart? It's a scary good time on the latest episode of We Just Nerd … Continue reading Trick-Nerd-Treat

Halloween Specials The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing color and that can mean only one thing... It's time for We Just Ghoul Here 2019! We're kicking things off with some of our favorite Halloween specials and movies that are perfect for this time of year. We Just Ghoul Here and now you do … Continue reading Halloween Specials

SDCC 2019: Nerding Up the Convention It's our favorite time of year, San Diego Comic Con. 5 days of revealing panels, exclusive collectibles, and the biggest names in nerdom. Some might call it Mecca for Nerds like us and you'd be right. This year our very own Lisa was lucky enough to experience the convention in all of its glory … Continue reading SDCC 2019: Nerding Up the Convention

The Nerds are on a Quest!: Stranger Things D&D with Mr. Ralleigh Fill your bag of holding with your favorite whiskey because this week the Nerds are going on a quest and things may get a little Upside Down. After learning the rules and playing the first part of the new Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons starter set Josh and Lisa sat down with Mr. Ralleigh … Continue reading The Nerds are on a Quest!: Stranger Things D&D with Mr. Ralleigh

Avengers: Endgame – Enter the Nerds The biggest movie of all time gets the Nerdy treatment! We recorded this episode days after seeing Avengers: Endgame opening night and decided to wait until the home release of the movie to truly avoid spoiling it for everyone else! Grab your whiskey, watch the movie and then listen to us talk all about! … Continue reading Avengers: Endgame – Enter the Nerds

Reboot Redux Ducktales, Roswell, Veronica Mars, Charmed, Roseanne... the list goes on for miles of shows that are being rebooted or revived in some way and this week the Nerds are talking about the ones that get them the most excited!  If you need more nerd in your life (and we know you do!) We have … Continue reading Reboot Redux

Summer Movies 2019 Now that it's officially summer it's time to talk some of the years most anticipated movies! There hasn't been a summer this packed with cinematic goodness! From Kaiju to Sporks and everything in between, the summer of 2019 has so many excellent movies that we can't wait to see and we're here to talk … Continue reading Summer Movies 2019