We’re Still Here and We Still Love You!

Hey Nerd Crew! It’s beyond time for a status update, my bad. When you’re unemployed time runs together worse than trying to figure out the Doctor’s timeline. I thought I had done this weeks ago but apparently not. So really, my bad. We Just Ghoul Here kind of fizzled more than I expected it too. … Continue reading We’re Still Here and We Still Love You!

An Apology/ Explaination

I’ll start this off with the TL;DR. I (Josh) have had some stuff going on and I'm sorry for not getting my shit together like I should have. There’s some good stuff coming up in the next few weeks. You all rock. We love our Nerd Crew. Read on for the juicy deets! It’s time … Continue reading An Apology/ Explaination

Gifts for Book Nerds

Lisa here, jumping in to give you some last-minute help on what the book nerds in your life might enjoy! Have you got a bibiliophile on your shopping list? Someone obsessed with old book smell? New book smell? Someone who can and will spend hours at a time walking around a Barnes and Noble just … Continue reading Gifts for Book Nerds

Gifts for the LEGO Nerd

I love LEGO, that shouldn’t surprise anyone who has listened to the show for any amount of time. Nemo and I waited in line overnight for a UCS Millennium Falcon last year. It is with that love of LEGO in mind that I present our next Holiday Gift Guide, this time it’s Gifts for the … Continue reading Gifts for the LEGO Nerd