“The Professor”

Joshua Tracey is a globetrotting nerd raised outside the US. A master of nothing, Josh into everything! From LEGO to Ghostbusters and Twinkies to conspiracy theories, there are few rabbit holes Josh is afraid to go down. If you’re nostalgic for the before times, he’s the one to make you feel like you’ve lived it even if you didn’t. Josh may not always say or do something stupid, but he’s always willing to try. He is also the producer of this podcast so if anything goes wrong we get to blame him!



“Bling Bling”

The self described “Sub-Continental” was born in India and raised in “White City” Utah (it’s a real thing people, probably worth a Google) Since befriending Josh and Lisa he has gone off the rails into the realms of nerdom. Though Josh sometimes leads him down a trail of self discovery we affectionately call “Existential Crisis Tuesday,” Nemo is truly the heart of our team, even if he has a strange obsession with squirrels. He can often be heard saying “Why? Why am I buying this? Why am I buying two of this? I don’t even like (insert LEGO set/ Comic Con exclusive toy/ art print). How did you talk me into buying all this? I have nowhere to put it. What’s that? Oh I want that too!”


“The Wordsmith”

Lisa Asanuma is a half-Japanese, California liberal raised in (and still very much part of) the LDS church. Born into a family of visual artists, Lisa is a wordmeister and a self-taught jack-of-all-trades crafter. If you can learn it from a youtube channel, Lisa has tried it or very much wants to.


“The Wife”

Wifey of the Podcast. Well, Wifey of Josh. But Lisa sometimes calls dibs.


“Skull Crusher”

Our occasional co-host. She’s been around since the beginning, providing moral support and acting as a sounding board for our crazy ideas.