Gifts for Book Nerds

Lisa here, jumping in to give you some last-minute help on what the book nerds in your life might enjoy! Have you got a bibiliophile on your shopping list? Someone obsessed with old book smell? New book smell? Someone who can and will spend hours at a time walking around a Barnes and Noble just … Continue reading Gifts for Book Nerds

LEGO: Rebirth

I am an only child and for me the stereotype holds true, I was spoiled. Not Dudley Dursley spoiled, but I still had more than my fair share of toys when I was a kid. First it was The Real Ghostbusters, then came Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles followed by Jurassic Park and Mighty Morphin Power … Continue reading LEGO: Rebirth

Our Podcasting Journey

Who would have thought starting a podcast would be so difficult? It’s so much more than just recording your voice and loading it onto the internet. There are new programs to learn, websites to build, and social media skills to hone. It seems like starting a podcast is a never ending list of things you … Continue reading Our Podcasting Journey